Shipping Policy

Your Pet always puts dog safety first. Please check Your Pet’s delivery, refund, and exchange policy.

1. Delivery method/shipping cost
Your Pet’s official online mall entrusts delivery services to JETPET. When purchasing from Your Pet’s official online mall,
We provide free shipping to all customers, but additional shipping charges apply to regions outside of Asia, the United States, and Canada.
Or a separate document is required.
Puppies can be transported on airplanes starting from 4 months of age.
Since our puppies are only 2 months old, you will have to wait about 2 months before making a decision.
(It varies from country to country, but most allow transport of puppies as young as 4 months old. However, some countries allow transport from 7 months old.)

2. Order/Delivery Tracking
Orders received are processed within 1 to 2 days in Korean time, and the average delivery period is 50 to 90 business days from the date of payment.
There may be delays depending on the situation.
Through Our Pet's pet manager, you can check on your pending puppy whenever you want.
For further inquiries, please contact Your Pet’s official online mall center (Whats App +82 10-6619-2225, Kakao Talk ID baby2225)
Please contact us to receive a quick response.

3. Change/cancel order
If you wish to change or cancel your order, this is absolutely not possible.